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SIX Main Insights

Who are you?

You have to be the RIGHT PERSON for yourself before you can attract the RIGHT PERSON to yourself. Relationship is not about finding the RIGHTEOUS person, but creating the RIGHTEOUS Chemistry.

What do you want?

Everything you WANT to be told in a romantic relationship you have to first be able to tell it to yourself; or you will begin to start begging for love and open the way to ABUSE.

Why did you say YES?

Before any relationship can start you have to first say YES to it. The question is WHO inside you is saying the YES? If you have a low self-esteem-personality, then that is the personality that will say YES.

What is your Vision?

A relationship without a vision is like a blind person walking aimlessly. Your common vision for the reason you are TOGETHER is the power-source of the relationship.

What are your wounds?

Break-up and Divorce happen because of unhealed wounds. Both LOVERS often mean well but their wounds will not give them a chance. Yet, their healing is the strength of their communication.

What are your tools?

Dating is different from being engaged. A wedding is different from a marriage. Parenting is also different from marriage. Before each level the lovers must be proactively prepared.

About Alain & Danielle

Alain is from Togo, West Africa while Danielle is from Haiti. The couple met in Boston, MA in the month of February 2001; and from that time to these days, they say it has been a journey of self-awareness, constant growth, and inner transformation.

They have been helping so many people prepare for their relationship, deal with relationship issues, and heal from relationship pains for more than a decade. Not only they are down-to-earth, but their insights are genuine and practical due to the simple reason that they coach and counsel from their personal and professional experiences.

Alain & Danielle believe that to build anything you need tools. And their job is to provide those tools for people to build happy romantic relationships.

Relationship Counseling Experts


By Lynda

Before it gets worse

I was in a frustrating moment in ministry and needed some direction. A friend mentioned Alain to me as someone who shares my same passion and he might be able to help me. I called and set up a meeting with Alain and Danielle.

The first day in their office felt so natural and we chatted about different things. Over that year I started mentorship with them and we developed a great relationship.

Danielle became a personal friend. And this is where I believe God brings people in our lives through different channels.

My husband and I came to a place our marriage where we were having a lot of tender discourse related to past hurt and mistrust. We were considering going back to therapy to help us work through it. Since Danielle had become a very good friend I shared what we were experiencing with her and she gave me a few advice and told me about the marriage mentoring program her and her husband offers.

I talked to my husband about it and even though we were initially worried about the cost, we decided that our marriage was worth because we were ready for something different and felt that the personable approach Danielle and Alain offers might be best than traditional therapy. So we jumped in.

We learned personal accountability and how our past affects the decisions we made in our marriage. We learned how our perceptions influence our actions and reactions in our marriage.

We learned to be compassionate in our marriage towards each other knowing that our behaviors can be a result of what we are hurting from.

We learned to think of our marriage in new terms like : we have been put together not only to be happy but to heal each other; we have been put together for something bigger to help our world and for that to be our focus.

Focusing on the fact that we are together to heal each other helps us in looking inward when there is discomfort and conflict in our relationship. While we love having happy moments together, we are actually excited about how we are being used to heal, teach and transform each other.

Yes we will recommend Alain and Danielle to all of our friends and those who are suffering in their relationships.


Healing from an abusive relationship

I became friend, then student, and then a spiritual daughter of Alain & Danielle through a dear friend of my sister and I. We were invited to Alain & Danielle’s Relationship Retreat for singles in Boston, MA. We live in Maryland and needed to drive for about eight hours to Boston to attend this retreat.

When we first got there, the room was intense. Alain & Danielle were dealing with low self-esteem, lack of self-appreciation, or old past wounds that cause most singles to settle for a poor and an abuse relationship.

I heard this about their works before, but I ended up experiencing it myself, that the power of God is truly at work through the two of them. While they were speaking, I felt this power rising up from within me that at one point I could not handle. I felt heat everywhere.

They gave the warning sign that pain can become a personality, that while they are teaching the pain personalities will be stirred and looking for ways to come out. Behold! I was experiencing that. The pain-personality from my abusive relationship started to manifest. Before I knew it, I run out of the room and graciously they had someone at the door to help me.

When I returned to the room II felt so tired. That’s when they were explaining that the lesson and the teaching they were giving was opening my understanding and my soul to who I really I AM. My tiredness came from the part that my soul wanted to truly let go of the pain-personality and after that personality left my body should feel tired.

Then the retreat went on. They taught us the power of I AM and how to write a love letter to ourselves, that we have to read to ourselves looking in a mirror.

For the first time I felt connected to ME. I was boiling while speaking love to ME. I was boiling with the joy that this moment was happening, and at the same time realizing how much love I had within me that I never got a chance to express to me. Alain and Danielle explained how it is hard to recognize true love and how it feels until you first feel it and see it from yourself to yourself. After that retreat I gain the power to start a new relationship.


The decision to divorce

I have always wanted a relationship like Alain & Danielle. I am a friend to the couple and had the chance to enjoy their presence. In reality, there is nothing I could share about Alain & Danielle that most people won’t share.

We all will be saying the same thing but in a different way. All people and races relate to them. I once asked them how they do it. And their answer is LOVE. Love people as they are. Because of what I saw them celebrate as love I gained the desire to start a relationship.

Unfortunately, my relationship did not go the way I wanted to. I knew at one point that I needed to let go. But I could not find the power within me to do so. My ex-wife and I started the counseling process with Alain and Danielle.

The reason we chose Alain & Danielle is because they involve you in the healing process. To them that is actually the true healing; because, as they said, you cannot keep a healing you have not been part of.

The amazing thing is they have tools. When it comes to tools! My Lord! This couple has it. From their well known relationship workbook, to the most amazing booklet titled: What is Love? From the therapeutic Love Cards they have for couples and to their parenting book, you can only succeed in your relationship.

My decision to end my relationship was a success to me. I needed to succeed in my relationship with myself first. As my ex-wife and I became friend through all the teachings we have received from Alain and Danielle, I came to realize that my inability to make a decision was the blockage to my happiness.

This inability to make decisions was not only showing up in my relationship but also in all aspects of my life due to the lack of confidence in me. Once my ex-wife and I finished our counseling, we both started another healing process Alain & Danielle offer called The Soul Treatment.

It was not an easy process for me; but at the end I gained the power to make the decision and we both let go of the relationship in clear agreement and with no resentment.

One thing Alain and Danielle taught us is that marriage is not on a piece of paper or in the prayer of the priest or the pastor. Marriage is the psychological bond and the emotional bond. Once it is broken, you are already divorced though leaving together. Intentionally breaking that bond is what is against the divine will. This knowledge freed me from the religious belief that I was offending God by letting go of my relationship.

Emma & Gimsly

Rebuilding the foundation

GIMSLY SHARES (Emma shared below)
Alain and Danielle believe a lot in building a foundation. Many times I have heard them say that all challenges rise from the foundation previously laid. Those foundations are set of beliefs in my wife and I case, we had to rebuild our foundation when our relationship became shaky.

Alain and Danielle taught us that there are some character-demons, as they call them, that won’t manifest in your dating period.

But once you enter the relationship and become conscious of your commitment, you trigger a set of emotions at the subconscious level which opens the way for those characters to surface. I have experienced exactly that.

My wife and I went through counseling with Alain & Danielle; and let me tell you that these two tell the truth about what they do. I don’t think if they were to take all the reviews into consideration this page will be enough.

They took us back to the set of beliefs we had about love, romance, chemistry, and marriage. And Boy! Were we not wrong about a lot of things? We sure were. But the learning process was mind blowing.

Each counseling session came with homework and a task to complete. I was working as a nurse at the ER, but I had to find the time to do the assignments, because I was ready to do anything to make my marriage stronger.

The most beautiful time of the sessions was when Alain & Danielle took a small group of couples to a small vacation out of state. For us we had to travel to a nice resort in Florida where we get to live in the same suite as them as other couples, dress table together for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cook together, do market together, go out together, and get to see how we interact with each other in a home environment.

During that time away from our home with Alain & Danielle and other couples, I learned a lot, I saw a lot and became grateful for a lot as we use the time to have fun, learn from Alain and Danielle and pray.

  • The Art Of Happiness Program is a Leadership, a Personal Development, & a Spiritual Growth platform designed by Speaker Alain Dagba for group training and coaching purpose. The Art Of Happiness Program is part of 1 Happy Life, LLC services.

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  • The Art Of Happiness Program is a Leadership, a Personal Development, & a Spiritual Growth platform designed by Speaker Alain Dagba for group training and coaching purpose. The Art Of Happiness Program is part of 1 Happy Life, LLC services.

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  • The Art Of Happiness Program is a Leadership, a Personal Development, & a Spiritual Growth platform designed by Speaker Alain Dagba for group training and coaching purpose. The Art Of Happiness Program is part of 1 Happy Life, LLC services.

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  • The Art Of Happiness Program is a Leadership, a Personal Development, & a Spiritual Growth platform designed by Speaker Alain Dagba for group training and coaching purpose. The Art Of Happiness Program is part of 1 Happy Life, LLC services.

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